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Overview Line Alvocidib (CDK9, R/R AML) Line TP-1287 (Oral CDK9 Inhibitor) Line TP-0903 (AXL Kinase Inhibitor) Line TP-0184 (BMPR Signaling Inhibitor)


Tolero has a pipeline of new agents with considerable promise of making a real difference in the lives of patients. Our approach allows us to develop new therapeutics on a dramatically shortened timeframe and at a much lower cost than traditional drug development.

Our approach to drug discovery and development is based on the premise that cancer and other life-threatening conditions are diseases driven by accumulation of abnormalities in cell function over time. Single genetic alterations (i.e. mutation, amplification, deletion, etc.) are often viewed as therapeutic targets without regard to the consequence of the alteration in the context of its involvement in a pathway biological function.

At Tolero, we seek to target diseases from a pathway-centric approach by identifying and developing pathway-specific inhibitors and then finding specific diseases and genetic backgrounds where these pathway inhibitors exhibit enhanced efficacy. This concept is at the center of the personalized medicine movement where targeted therapeutics can be tailored for individual patients with a defined genetic or molecule subtype of disease.

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